Blag Promotions specialises in the promotion of bands and musicians with marketing, design, video and gigs.

Much of the work supports charities, including the LoveHopeStrength cancer charity (headed by Mike Peters of The Alarm), and the Forward4Wiz Trust, which mentors and educates musicians for their improvement and inspiration, Guide Dogs for the Blind, which allows freedom for blind and partially-sighted people, and also Alzheimer’s Research UK, the alzheimer’s research charity.

Flyers promoting gigs have been a regular feature of work on behalf of Blag Promotions.

The logo was designed to reflect the music industry Blag works for and within.

Blag Promotions guitar logo

A simple website highlights the services offered and some news with an invite to discuss the needs of the band.

Blag Promotions website

An enthusiastic and passionate supporter of music, Pete Cole, at Blag, is held in high regard by those who know him and I appreciate his kind words…

“Paul’s design work is truly fantastic and second to none. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone.”

Pete Cole
Owner / Manager at Blag Promotions